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  • BoundaryWise Academy
    Online Education to earn the Certified BoundaryWise (CBW)
    professional designation.
  • Credentials Matter
    Clients expect more from their Realtors.
    Protect their interests with the CBW professional designation.
  • Let’s get started
    Build resilience and longevity into your real estate
    career and business with tools, processes and
    knowledge that help you see what others miss.

Why choose BoundaryWise?

Helping realtors supercharge their careers, homeowners choose the right agent, and building capacity for Boards and Brokerages across Ontario



Earn your CBW designation online and immediately create unprecedented value for your clients.



BoundaryWise Brokerages recruit and retain better agents, support higher commissions and manage safer deals.

Homebuyers and sellers

Homebuyers and sellers

BoundaryWise Agents discover boundary, easement and title issues that others don’t see…and protect you.

Real Estate Boards

Real Estate Boards

Promote and deliver educational value to your members by partnering with the BoundaryWise Academy.

Welcome to the BoundryWise Academy – Credentials matter!

BoundaryWise™ is an accredited, self-guided online curriculum designed to equip real estate professionals with the knowledge they need to mitigate boundary, easement and title risks for their clients.

Why BoundaryWise for Realtors?

Helping Realtors reduce deal risk and driving higher standards with boards and brokerages.

CBW Designation

Get the designation, better yourself and safeguard your clients from risks that other agents miss.

Unique content

The BoundaryWise curriculum is relevant, topical, practical and NOT taught by RECO or Ontario’s boards.

Industry Standard

A symbol of excellence recognized by real estate boards, associations, brands, and your discerning clients.

Rapid Learning

10 hrs of advanced, self-directed video tutorials with interactive quizzes and exams.

Immediate Impact

Put your new-found BoundaryWise knowledge, tools and processes into action immediately for your clients.

Why Become a BoundaryWise Certified Agent?

Attract more leads, secure more clients and protect your commissions. With the CBW Designation you propel yourself into the top 10% - and your clients will love you for it.