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Professional Realtor Education from the Land Experts

Our passion is helping great Realtors build long, successful, resilient careers by contributing immeasurable professional value to their clients real estate transactions.

A problem worth dedicating ourselves to

At Protect Your Boundaries we have dedicated ourselves to a challenge worthy of our passion: Homebuyers and home sellers are not getting the expert, professional advice they need regarding the critical land, boundary, easement and title aspects of their properties.

From the Experts

Developed by Protect Your Boundaries Inc. and Krcmar Surveyors, the Greater Toronto Area’s leading land surveying firm, the BoundaryWise Academy responds to a critical gap in the marketplace: nearly half the properties in the GTA have hidden boundary issues that could jeopardize a sale. But Realtors and their clients often lack the knowledge and tools to identify potential problems.

Education, Tools and Processes for today’s Real Estate Transactions

We understand land and we understand real estate. From our unique vantage point we see where Realtors are exposed in their knowledge, and where the opportunities exist to lean into their responsibility as strong, confident and accountable professionals.

The BoundaryWise Academy teaches topical, relevant and critical knowledge that will help you not just survive but thrive in today’s complex, multi-faceted real estate ecosystem.

Six Years in the Making

We have been educating and supporting great Realtors in Ontario since 2014. In that time, we have become intimate with the challenges and pitfalls faced by Realtors and brokerages every day – those that relate to hidden or obscure land issues that, when left unresolved or undisclosed, can wreak havoc on your client’s experience and your career.